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The ESG Shop offers Fractional ESG Services for start-ups, SMEs, publicly traded corporations, trade associations, educational institutions and more.

As the pressure mounts for companies to demonstrate their commitment to responsible business practices, the role of the CEO, CFO, and CLO has never been more pivotal. As stewards of financial and legal integrity, these executives are entrusted with safeguarding not only the bottom line but also the reputation and resilience of their organizations. Engaging fractional ESG support offers the strategic advantage in navigating the complex terrain of non-financial reporting.

By partnering with the seasoned experts at The ESG Shop, CFOs, CEOs, CLOs and their teams can unlock a wealth of benefits. Our fractional ESG services provide invaluable insights into emerging ESG trends, regulatory requirements, and best practices, empowering leaders to proactively manage risks and capitalize on opportunities.

The ESG Shop offers a cost-effective solution, allowing companies to access specialized expertise without the need for full-time commitments – we offer project lead, project support, parental leave, secondment and more. This flexibility ensures that resources are allocated efficiently while still maintaining a high standard of ESG performance.


Kelly Burton

Founder & CEO

An award-winning ESG leader known for driving impactful sustainability initiatives and fostering responsible business practices in B2B and B2C companies including start-ups, media, CPG, beauty, food, fashion and tech, Kelly launched The ESG Shop to fill the expertise/ capacity gap facing many companies today. Needing immediate help with specific issues, but not yet clear if a full-time role is required, the fractional services of The ESG Shop allow clients to be focused, compliant and fiscally prudent.

Kelly’s expertise in developing and implementing comprehensive ESG strategies that align with organizational values and driving positive change gave her a deep insight into the challenges companies and organizations face in keeping up with ESG strategy development, disclosure and reporting requirements. Her successes include: achieving corporate carbon neutrality for a Fortune 1000 company, advancing sustainable sourcing including digitization for a $7 Billion Fashion conglomerate, cultivating employee engagement and stakeholder relationships for a Fortune 100 company and more. She has won awards for leadership, helped companies get standing on annual lists of “Best Workplace…” and “Best in Diversity…” and won an ARC 100 award for annual reporting.

Kelly holds an ALM from Harvard University in Sustainability and Environmental Management. She also holds certificates in Corporate Responsibility and Innovation, and Environmental Policy and International Development, also from Harvard and Corporate Finance Fundamentals and ESG & Sustainable Capitalism from Berkeley Law. She is a JD candidate at CUNY Law.

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